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Exactly what can i spend my FAFSA grant money on?

0 Comments 07 April 2017

Question by 13B: Exactly what can i spend my FAFSA grant money on?
Alright i was approved for the full grant from fafsa i have already paid my tuition for the first quater and now all i have to do is get my books and a laptop. Since of coures the college doesnt offer laptops am i able to use my fafsa money to get one? If not please tell what i can and can not get with the money. Thank you.

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Answer by Jen
Your money first go to the school and if you’ve already paid your tuition, the money should all go back to you as a way of I suppose ‘reimbursing’ you for the money you paid out of pocket for tuition. Then, you would typically get a check from the school which you can then use to your liking. But then every school is different and they might not give you the money in a check, but they most likely would. Check with your school so you know if you’ll be getting the money in your pocket (in the form of a check).

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